Salt Water Springs

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Salt Water Springs

Salt Water Springs (Minas de Sal in Spanish) is a large area of springs where salt water emerges from underground sources. They are located in front of the town, walking around 8 minutes.
In the past, the salt water sources were the only economic activity that the inhabitants of Salinas had, they processed the salt water and transformed it into salt, which they sold to merchants or bartered with other communities.

After, from 1970, with the help of Salesian volunteers, the inhabitants of Salinas began to develop other economic activities such as livestock, cheese production, forest planting and others.

Basic Information
  • Age: About 2000 years old
  • Human Activity: Since preincaic cultures
  • Number of fountains: 3
  • Access: On foot

Within the town you can hire a local guide to take a tour. If you need information, write to the number: +593 985196031

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